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Procurement of goods in different currencies

Procurement of goods in different currencies

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The module is designed to store prices in yet another currency, this currency is stored in a separate table and allows you to recalculate the current price when necessary.

Module features:
  • Exchange rates can be edited directly from the module interface
  • The module allows you to specify a mark-up to the product that will be prepaid to the price when recalculating - this is convenient for storing procurement prices of suppliers
  • The mark-ups to the goods are created in the module and, if necessary, you can change at once the percentage of the markup for all goods
  • The price field remains working the same as it worked, after recounting it is replaced by the desired value.
  • Module rounds prices to dozens
  • Module interface

The interface consists of two parts:
  • Editing a product
  • Module settings

Editing a product

This option is available only after the creation of the goods.

In version 1.5-1.6, this is a separate tab.

These fields appear on the first tab of the product and contain:
  • Value in currency
  • The currency itself (currencies are also created in the admin area)
  • Choice of the percentage of the mark-up is created in advance in the module settings, in case if no extra charge is required, 0% is indicated.

Module settings

The module itself is on the other modules tab

You can also type in the name: pwmulticurrency

In the settings you can:
  • Specify a rate for active currencies in the admin area
  • Manage margins
  • Creature
  • View quantity of products
  • Specifying a Default Margin

To recalculate values is the most important button in the module, when you click on all the prices in the standard price field are recalculated according to the specified rate.

  • Supported versions - 1.6.x
  • File format - zip
  • File size - 7.4 kB
  • Supported Languages - русский
After you have downloaded the file pwmulticurrency.zip You need:
  1. Go to the admin panel of your online store
  2. Click on the "Add module" button.
  3. Select the downloaded module from your PC.
  4. Upload the module to your site
  5. Procurement of goods in different currencies steps 1-4
  6. Click the "Install" button in front of the loaded module.
  7. Procurement of goods in different currencies step 5
  8. Adopt security conditions.
  9. Procurement of goods in different currencies step 6
Congratulations! Module Procurement of goods in different currencies installed and ready to use!
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