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How to Upgrade PrestaShop | Do I need to do that?

Do I need to upgrade PrestaShop?

If everything works for you and it have enough functions, the answer is definitely not. Since the updating process is complex enough and in most cases requires certain competencies.

But the update allows you to solve such problems:

  1. Using a more modern design;
  2. New features in each version;
  3. Work stability;
  4. Modern modules using;
  5. Mobile version avaliability.

If any of these items are important to you, then we recommend that you update to the latest version.

The cost of upgrading to the latest 1.6 or 1.7 version

From 1.4 version

From 1.5 version

From 1.6 version

From 1.7 version

More stable, but the older. Differs in the code structure. It's very close to modern versions. The most recent version for updates. The process is relatively simple. To the latest version.
348  310  285  285 

The price is only for updating the standard functions of the Prestashop and your current template. If in your store there are purchased modules or a programmer worked on it, a separate additional evaluation is required. We compare the standard code and the one that was added to your site. The cost will depend on it. Leave a request and we will calculate the exact cost.

Which version is better: 1.6 or 1.7?

We recommend you to switch to version 1.6, it will be supported for a long time and release updates. What are the pros?

  • In 1.6 there is a multi-store function, which allows you to manage the leftovers from several stores. In 1.7 this function was removed;
  • 1.6 has templates, even if you have a younger version now, we can adapt it. For 1.7 we don't adapt old templates anymore;
  • 1.7 is more difficult technically and its support will cost in the future 10-20% more.

What are the cons?

  • 1.7 has the different admin panel and it became more convenient.
  • Removed some of the functions, so it will be easier to master it.

How will programmers deal with it?

We have been working with Prestashop since 2010 and for us there are no unsolvable tasks. Nevertheless, if the task doesn't have enough resources to solve it, we will warn you about it.

Why such a price?

The quality of the product is important to us, namely:

  1. The client site stability;
  2. Preservation of appearance;
  3. Increase in sales.

That's why we:

  1. Included in the cost a time of a manager, who accepts, discusses and checks tasks so you don't pay for it separately;
  2. Each programmer only deals with Prestashop for 8 hours a day and solves problems faster than any other specialist;
  3. For sites with visitors we start a version control system or a separate development server so your sales are securely protected.

Can I do it by myself?

Definitely yes but be prepared for the fact that the process will not go as expected. Therefore before updating:

  1. Read all available instructions on the Internet;
  2. Make a copy of your site and database files;
  3. Choose the time when you have the least number of buyers on your site.

After the update:

  1. Check the work of admin panel, try adding an item and category;
  2. Check that messages are sent from the site;
  3. Check that all pages of the site are opened;
  4. Verify that page addresses haven't changed (it's important for SEO).

Will it affect the progress?

No. The page addresses will remain the same. Therefore,  this will not be reflected in promotion if the design doesn't change.