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ECommerce Platforms Comparison - PrestaShop vs Magento

Magento and PrestaShop platforms are great for doing business. But everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses. To select the right software it's important to pay attention to the technical specifications.

Both platforms are tough opponents due to the open source.

By analyzing the details of their work, you will understand which can rightly be considered a leader in e-commerce. It's better to evaluate Magento and PrestaShop based on the exact characteristics that will be important in the work.

Brief information about platforms

Magento is an open source e-commerce extension with a huge system of settings. User can:

  • monitor the e-commerce system;
  • change the appearance;
  • fill it with content;
  • adjust the site functionality by yourself.

It can be used to manage directories and optimize the search engine.

The software was released in 2001 and constantly releases updates to improve the work.

A recent partnership with eBay makes the system even more powerful and increases the number of developers in the community. If in short, Magento is suitable for professional online stores.

PrestaShop provides many functions for e-commerce and has open source. You can select templates, themes, and modules in the program. If an entrepreneur wants to get the most out of this system, it's important to monitor the uniqueness. Initially, it has the basic settings for quick learning of beginners. It was launched in 2007 and is focused on small and medium-sized businesses.

PrestaShop is available in 40 languages ​​- not many sites can boast of such coverage. At the PrestaShop forum, you can talk to developers, ask a question and offer your solution.

How to install Prestashop - manual

Ease of use

It's known that Magento suffers from performance problems. Users and developers often complain that its backend is slow, which results in a slower download of the website. As for PrestaShop, the performance isn't the biggest problem. It doesn't suffer from system overloading and large traffic consumption.


Magento isn't suitable for beginners. If the user doesn't have the knowledge or experience of using e-commerce software, the system will seem very difficult to understand. PrestaShop is relatively easy to install. It doesn't require expert knowledge.

Both extensions have a large number of marketing tools, such as:

  • Google Adwords;
  • Google Shopping;
  • Amazon Marketplace;
  • emailing,
  • discounts and coupons.

Thanks to these options, online providers will be able to reach a larger number of clients, both nationally and internationally.


Both platforms provide the basic functions of an e-commerce store. Nevertheless, the huge number of opportunities that Magento has, can become the basis for a great big business. But the complexity of managing and reloading a website affects its popularity. This solution is suitable for users who are not the first year in e-commerce.

PrestaShop is an excellent choice for creating a basic online store. Its simplicity and low requirements attract many visitors: both project implementers and buyers.