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Vkontakte API

Vkontakte API

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Widgets Vkontakte for their work using Vkontakte API, which is connected with this module.

There are 2 ways to get API_ID.

The first is described on the page http://vkontakte.ru/developers.php?o=-1&p=Open+API:

You must create a new application or take an already created application. On the page for editing the application settings, fill in the necessary fields of the Open API: Open API URL of the site to which you plan to connect the Open API (for example http://durov.at/) The base domain is the base domain of your site (for example, durov.at)

The second way is directly on the page of any widget, for example, comments http://vkontakte.ru/developers.php?o=-1&p=Comments. To do this, add your site and copy from the "Code for insertion" figure after apiId.

After receiving the ID in the settings of this module, you need to install the API ID. After that, any modules that use VKontakte widgets will work without any conflicts.

  • Supported versions - 1.6.x
  • File format - zip
  • File size - 33.6 kB
  • Supported Languages - русский
After you have downloaded the file vkapi.zip You need:
  1. Go to the admin panel of your online store
  2. Click on the "Add module" button.
  3. Select the downloaded module from your PC.
  4. Upload the module to your site
  5. Vkontakte API steps 1-4
  6. Click the "Install" button in front of the loaded module.
  7. Vkontakte API step 5
  8. Adopt security conditions.
  9. Vkontakte API step 6
Congratulations! Module Vkontakte API installed and ready to use!
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