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What online store is better: PrestaShop or WooCommerce?

In this review we compare work platforms for Prestashop webshops and WooCommerce. You will learn which solution is better suited for large online markets.

How successful will the choice of platform for the online market success in the future. Despite the overall similarity of the principles of their work, it can be noted the substantial differences.

For a detailed study of all the features of the IT products, even an experienced user will take a long time. Not to mention new employees? We have compared Prestashop and WooCommerce to tell you what need to pay attention when choosing.

Summary of products

PrestaShop is a free platform for online stores with an open base code. The system focuses on online sales and has lots of additions that improve the quality of work with clients.

How to Install: manual


WooCommerce is an extension for online stores, created based on the WordPress platform. Basic functionality is free, but for improvement need to use paid plugins and templates.

Read more about eCommerce Platform Integration - Prestashop and Wordpress


Design and templates

On the official website the Prestashop user selection of 3000 topics. During the development of the concept of design you will be limited only by our own preferences. Topics suitable for all versions of Prestashop and already are divided into thematic areas for the convenience of users. Template cost varies from 60 to $300.

WooCommerce offers about 6000 topics. In this regard, the plugin is superior to Prestashop, but the number of available solutions is significantly less. The thing that originally was developed for WordPress blogs and news sites, so not all the updates are available for WooCommerce. The average cost of one theme is $55.

Ease of use

PrestaShop has an integrated inventory management system with which you can quickly and easily arrange for delivery of goods simultaneously from multiple warehouses. Keep track of movement you can use UPC or EAN13 and execute orders from Backoffice. With regard to governance, the Prestashop provides access to a variety of shops from one account. Installing additional languages there is no great problem, except when there is a dissonance with the chosen theme. In such a case, you will have to download the translation in manual mode.

WooCommerce in this respect inferior to Prestashop, because the system does not have the basic modules for managing orders. You have to use additional programs (TradeGecko or StitchLabs). By using WooCommerce you will be able to manage several stores, which can be placed on one or on different domains. To add languages to install additional modules, you can perform a translation followed by or through the program or manually.

Commercial functionality

Internet shop system based on Prestashop withstands loads and copes with lots of goods. The only negative-there can be problems with filtering products by category during the search. To resolve this problem, you need to use additional modules.

WooCommerce also provides large amounts of goods. When sorting goods may fail, resolve to help additional plug-ins.

Plugins, modules and extensions

PrestaShop is designed specifically for online stores, and its functionality is fully supports all available add-ons. The total number of plugins, modules and extensions now reaches 3700. In the list of the most popular add-ons include: WooCommerce opens up access to many additions of WordPress, but not all are integrated with online store functionality. Available for online market extensions deserve special attention:
  • Amazon Market Place;
  • SEO Expert;
  • Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping);
  • Advanced Search 4;
  • CM-CIC / Monetico Payment.
  • PDF invoices and orders inventory;
  • Google of Analyst;
  • Notes about delivery;
  • Integration of the partner program Light;
  • New emblems of commodities.


Prestashop initially oriented to the online-shops, therefore in her base acquisitions already are all necessary additions. A platform offers the following decisions for effective advancement:

  • in title the name of shop registers automatically;
  • the system forms correct URL, and rendering-engine at the conclusion of pages
  • oriented on numbers, but not on letters;
  • excellent realization of filter of takes of pages;
  • automatic filling of attribute of alt;
  • generation of Robots.txt from the panel of administrator.

The developers of WooCommerce integrated the instruments of advancement of shops also. Among them the special attention is deserved by Yoast SEO, impedimental to appearance dubbed content. Additions of WooCommerce optimize small perfectly web-sites. Necessities of large projects the system will not be able to satisfy.

We will sum up

Both systems with success are used for online shops. On an amount additions, that, plugins, modules of Prestashop and WooCommerce occupy approximately identical positions. Possible problems or difficulties you will be able to see only at determined size project. What anymore your shop, there more reliable there must be the system. Initially rendering-engine of WordPress, on that WooCommerce works, created for blogs, therefore a decision will be effective only for the initial stage. If you plan to start a serious project, then it is better to use Prestashop.