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Constructive compare - PrestaShop vs OpenCart

OpenCart and PrestaShop are open source platforms with a strong position in the world of e-commerce. Each of them has its own characteristics, which help to bypass competitors and attract customers to the site.

The PrestaShop platform is a progressive and modern extension. However, OpenCart is a worthy competitor with a wide range of useful functions. This article will help you to understand their main advantages and determine the winner in the technical race.

How to Install Prestashop - manual

Site Administration and Content Management

PrestaShop always strives to increase the independence of its users: you can control the store without even having technical skills. The structure is simple and transparent to the beginner. Soft has advanced content management, it's intuitively understandable with regard to product and sales management.

OpenCart has a convenient control panel, although some of its design solutions can be confusing. Beginners will be more difficult to navigate and set the necessary settings.

SEO Organization

Marketing with the help of search engines is one of the profitable forms of trade. The presence of an online store high rating in the search engine depends on the parameters. Platforms are optimized for indexing by all major search engines.

Include support for a special meta tag of the product and category.

PrestaShop developers understand the importance of SEO for the site's ranking and traffic speed, so they try to provide owners with URLs that are targeted to search engines. OpenCart SEO software offer support for customizable products and meta tag categories.


Multistore and user coverage

PrestaShop software scalability, Multistore and user coverage is optimal for small and medium businesses. Large entrepreneurial activity is given to it more difficult. OpenCart has no problems in this case. Regardless of the size of the project, it easily processes a large amount of data. However, the software is inferior in "Multi magazine" option: unlike the competitor, in PrestaShop, you can create the necessary number of stores. It works with different currencies, languages ​​and on several domains.


The advantage of OpenCart is limited by the ability to place more products on the website. It's more difficult to manage users without experience. In general, the software isn't inferior in the CEO and content-filling.

PrestaShop is an e-commerce service. It constantly develops new functions and plugins for all current versions. Users can quickly configure the site for personal requests.

PrestaShop improves the functionality with each new version:

  • Multilingual web resource;
  • Convenient and simple content;
  • Clear design.

How to update PrestaShop - manual

With its help, the store can be adapted for any language. Simplicity and multifunctionality is a real advantage compared to OpenCart, which doesn't offer such support.