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Online stores platform comparison: PrestaShop vs AbanteCart 2018

Many users will not pay attention to the site if it has an unattractive appearance. In the case of online stores - this is the loss of potential customers and additional lesions. In addition to good design, the site must have a clear interface and easy navigation. In this case, you need a special platform for managing. Among them are Abantecart and Prestashop. But which one is better?

How to Install Prestashop - manual

To determine the advantages of the platform, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • design;
  • variety of templates;
  • ease of use;
  • commercial side;
  • SEO;
  • security.

Abantecart is a free, licensed platform for developing an online store. Like Prestashop, it has an open source code and an easily changeable site architecture. Despite the intuitive interface and training program, it's more suitable for advanced users who are ready to fully program the project. Because it supports various innovations in Internet programming: languages ​​and HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery, AJAX, MVC, API development.

Design and templates

On the official Prestashop website, there are about 3000 ready-made templates. In other sources, you can find about 2000. The assortment is huge.

Prestashop is based on the specialized Smarty framework, so for a good customization, you need a minimal experience in HTML/CSS. For quality adjustment, it's better to hire a specialist. But you can create an online store on Prestashop by yourself.

Abantecart marketplace has 35 main topics, mostly paid. A greater emphasis is on design elements: different modules and widgets for changing the site navigation.

Easy to use

Prestashop is suitable for creating online stores on mobile platforms. It supports more than one thousand products. If you have problems with downloading, the special modules can be used: you can find them in the official market. The platform has a good CS. It allows you to monitor the store from different warehouses. Also built-in support for barcodes. In addition, there is a product import system.

Commercial functionality

On Prestashop, you can install several stores, which the owner will manage from one account. For the convenience of calculation, it's possible to use several currencies and also a module that will display the current currency based on the user's location.

The Abantecart developers are open to the audience using gadgets. Because their mobile sites are designed to a greater extent, which, perhaps, will bring them great success in the future.

SEO Optimization

Instead of a standard plug-in, it has an alternative SEO Manager which copes with tasks. New versions of Prestashop are well optimized, although the rel = "canonical" attribute is rarely used to remove duplicate pages.

Abantecart provides internal optimization for Google, especially in the mobile version.


Prestashop uses special patches for security. To protect the internet store from XSS-attacks, it will be necessary to check the framework for correct operation, and the admin panel is protected by htaccess/htpasswrd.


The cost of Prestashop on the official website is 110 US dollars. In this case, you will need to purchase more than one plug-in and a module for correct operation. Creating an online store on the platform will allow you to make a profit from sales. Therefore, the cost of Prestashop cannot be called excessive. The recoupment of the project is high.

In conclusion, who won?

Prestashop has a number of serious advantages that can serve as a reason for choosing a site. It also has its own minuses. In comparison with analogs, the platform is the most productive. Prestashop has been recognized all over the world. Most online stores use it. Wide functionality, an abundance of quality designs and many additional features make it possible to use as a reliable basis when creating a website.

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